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on Tuesday August 29 at 9pm EDT. It will also be rebroadcast on September
5th at 9pm EDT.


Concert Reviews are now up from the May, June, and July shows.

Cracker is heading west for some shows. Check to see if they're playing near you!


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From's allstar news... 3/17/00 (thanks mango!)
Cracker's David Lowery and Johnny Hickman are currently collaborating on an album with songwriter LP, who sang the "hidden track" on Cracker's Gentleman's Blues. Lowery describes the album -- which is tentatively scheduled for release this fall -- as "kind of what [Cracker] does, but more eclectic. Some of it's like the Stones, some of it's like Zeppelin, and some of it's like the Clash, But, of course, it's from a female singer's perspective." Lowery says the album will likely be billed as a LP effort, with a sticker indicating Cracker's participation. "I've felt for years that she's a star waiting to be discovered," he says. "These songs have a good sense of 20 years of rock history." (Neil Chrisley)

Brandy Wood - Cracker's new bassist is doing great on the band's East Coast tour!
(see tour dates for details)

Jan 28, 2000
Track listing for the new Camper Van Beethoven cd!

Title: camper van beethoven is dead. long live camper van beethoven.

  1. broadcasting live from the mci-worldcom-att-chrysler-daimler-mitsubishi-phillips-
    basf-lg-phillip morris-bp-texaco-pfizer-aol-time-warner-boeing-microsoft-aeroflot-united-yoyodyne
    coliseum, strom thurmond city, mars.
  2. l'aguardiente
  3. tom flower's1500 valves
  4. all her favorite fruit (orchestral version)
  5. closing theme
  6. loose lips sink ships
  7. who are the brain police
  8. staying at home with the girls in the morning (vienna club mix)
  9. klondike
  10. s.p. 37957 medley
  11. balalaika gap (demo)
  12. the enigma machine
  13. we're all wasted and we're wasting all your time

See the Pitch A Tent site for more info!

Jan 14, 2000
Track listing for Garage D'or!

Disc I

1. "Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now)"
2. "This Is Cracker Soul"
3. "I See the Light"
4. "Low"
5. "Get Off This"
6. "Sweet Potato"
7. "Euro-Trash Girl"
8. "Shake Some Action" (from Clueless soundtrack)
9. "Sweet Thistle Pie"
10. "I'm a Little Rocketship"
11. "Big Dipper"
12. "Seven Days"
13. "Around The World"
14. "Be My Love"
15. "Heaven Knows I'm Lonely Now"
16. "The Eyes of Mary"

Disc II:
1. "Surfbilly" (BBC session outtake)
2. "The Golden Age" (Live)
3. "You Ain't Going Nowhere"(Live featuring Adam Duritz and Joan Osborne)
4. "Hollywood Cemetery" (Previously Unreleased)
5. "Whole Lotta Trouble" (From Empire Records soundtrack)
6. "I Want Out of the Circus"
7. "Steve's Hornpipe" (Early Cracker Demo)
8. "Mr. Wrong" (Live)
9. "Sunday Train"(Kerosene Hat out-take)
10. "Lonesome Johnny Blues" (Live)
11. "Rainy Days and Mondays" (Carpenters cover)
12. "China" (Early Cracker Demo)

Jan 12, 2000
More Cracker tour dates announced! They are hitting four spots around Colorado. Check them out if you can. See the tour dates page for more info.

Jan 11, 2000
Not Cracker related, but pretty close...
Victor and Jonathan from Camper, along with Eugene Chadbourne are hitting Europe - take cover!
Tour dates ..
The Revenge of Camper Van Chadbourne

Tuesday. 15th Feb. Sodra Teaturn, Stockholm
Wednesday. 16th Feb. Copen/Alburg TBA (could be Lund)
Thursday. 17th Feb. Rytmeposten, Odensa
Friday. 18th Feb. Voxhall, Arhus
Saturday. 19th Feb. Hamburg, Molotow
Sunday. 20th Feb. Eindhoven, Effenaar
Monday. 21th Feb. Koln, Gebaude 9
Tuesday. 22nd Feb. Loseke, Hildershiem
Wednesday. 23rd Feb. Bremen, Tower
Thursday. 24th Feb. Patronaat, Haarlem
Friday. 25th Feb. Glocksee, Hannover
Saturday. 26th Feb. Jazzatelier, Ulrichsburg
Sunday. 27th Feb. Muffthalle, Munich
Monday. 28th Feb. B72, Vienna
(Taken from:

Jan 5, 2000
Johnny Hickman says:
... after recieving a lot of inquiries (cool, thank you) I'm putting together a CD package of my filmscore music to date with artwork, alternate versions etc. for anybody interested. It will consist of the complete "River Red" score (not the songs by other artists by the way) and some pieces from work in progress "The Wasteland". I'm just starting on it so it will be a little while.

Jan. 5, 2000
Cracker is releasing a new cd - a retrospetive. It's titled Garage D'or.
There will be a bonus disc with the first 25,000 copies, and it'll be available in mid March.
There is also a new Camper van Beethoven cd coming out - early Feb. Stayed tuned.

Wed Dec. 29, 1999
Cracker is heading west in Feb 2000!
Check the tour dates section.

Sun Dec. 19, 1999
David Lowery & Johnny Hickman are playing Alley Katz in Richmond, VA on Dec. 31! Get your tickets from Plan 9 quick - it's a tiny club!

Sat Dec. 18, 1999
Jessica and John have almost finished work on the site!

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