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Gentleman's Blues tabs

"Been Around The World" - Chords

tabbed by Ian Adams (

(I'm sure about these chords.. I was paying attention when I saw David play them) It's an easy rhythm guitar line - Cut time feel, a lot like Stuck In The Middle With You by Stealers Wheels:

Open Am - 1 full measure

barred F - 1/2 measure

barred G - 1/2 measure

For the solos, just play with a pentatonic scale at the 7th fret.. like so:








Wedding Day

G - C7 - G

C7 - G

D - C - G
Tabbed by Dave Mirabella

You can also add the little lick as he does on the filmore cd on the G chord by sliding up the top of the chord to the 4th fret and back and then hammering on & off the g string second fret and d string second fret

Trials & Tribulations

tabbed by Dave Mirabella

It's easiest in the drop G tuning...tune the A string down to G and your E strings down to G.... so now a G chord is just strumming the open strings. a C chord is barring the entire 5th fret and a Bb is the entire third fret and A is the entire 2nd fret.... so it goes:


When your only girl betrayed you boy what'd you do with your wisdom,


well you loved that girl again, well you loved that girl again

Bb A 

Now who you got to blame for your trials & Tribulations

The little lick on the G here is play the G chord hammer on to the third fret - slide up to the 4th and pull off to the G string and as part of the lick pull off from the 2nd fret on the D string and then play the G chord again and do the G string part twice without pulling off on the D string....

Sick of Goodbyes (Sparklehorse GMS version)

Tabbed by Ashley Olsson

Chords Used:

F : 133211

Fsus4: 133311

C : 032010

Bb : xx3331

Dm : 000231

Intro: F Fsus4

C F Fsus4

if I could just keep my stupid mind together

C F Fsus4

then my thoughts would cross the land for you to see

Bb F Fsus4

no one sees you on a vampire planet

Bb C F Fsus4

no one sees you like I do


I'm so sick

C Bb

of goodbyes, goodbyes


I'm so sick

C Bb

of goodbyes, goodbyes

F Fsus4


Forever tabs

Brides of Neptune

One Fine Day

Sweet Magdalena


Bring Us Down

Ain't that Strange

Guarded by Monkeys



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